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The Pineapple Heads story so far.

After 17 years working in the advertising industry, I reckon I can tell a good idea from a bad one. So when my son sprouted unruly hair and I couldn’t find a decent kids hair product, I knew I’d stumbled upon an opportunity.

Now kids don’t care whether their hair product is made from extra virgin kelp juice or nuclear waste. But parents do. And as a parent I wasn’t going to put any yucky chemicals on my child’s darling head.

So I set out to make the purest, yummiest kids hair products known to man. After months of formulation and experimentation they were ready for testing. But at Pineapple Heads we don’t test on cuddly bunny rabbits, no way. We test it on kids instead – my kid, my friends’ kids their friends’ kids, all sorts of kids. And no ones’ kids have got sick or grew an extra eye in the middle of their forehead because Pineapple Heads is only made from 100% natural stuff.

Now we’ve got five super duper products that have been fully kid tested and approved. So have a look around the site and check out our stuff and see what you think.

No baddies allowed! We test on kids, not animals.

Megan Sanders.

PS: None of our products have any dumb stuff like; silicones, PEGs (we don’t even know how you would make anything cool for your hair out of PEGS), petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants, animals – cute or otherwise.

image of the Pineapple Heads cartoon family


Here at Pineapple Heads we make sure nothing nasty goes into our products – no baddies allowed. We worked really, really hard with an amazing French perfumer who specialises in developing natural and organic scents, to create the perfect balance of delicious smelling products that don’t contain anything artificial. Just try not to eat the products!

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